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"Stephanie was extremely supportive and empathetic. She was positive, optimistic and was able to identify areas of progress. She instilled a lot of confidence in us as parents who know our child best and always assured me that I was making the right decision for my baby even if was just following my instinct. Stephanie was the exact type of person that you want in a gentle sleep coach. She was invested, caring, committed and dedicated. She made sure she had a great understanding of our current situation, our comfort level and what we hoped to accomplish. Often, with sleep training methods and coaches we have felt pressure to follow something whether or not we felt comfortable with it. Stephanie always made me feel confident and capable of trusting my parental instincts while still maintaining consistency."

Mother of 2-year old and 10-month old

"Stephanie was indispensable in my son's journey towards sleeping through the night. She guided my husband and me with incredible attention, patience, and understanding. She knows how stressful it can be to not sleep for weeks on end and is never judgmental or pushy. She works with our own sleep goals and helped find an optimal plan for our son's particular sleep needs. Thank you, thank you, Stephanie!!"

Mother of a 6-month old

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